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eftc online offers live freelancing classes online 365 days.
Learn effectively with our experienced Top Rated Freelancers.

We believe the best way to master skilled work is to learn more. eftc online is offering the Live classes with lower cost from Top Rated Freelancers. We can do this because we handpick our educators from the market place expert in Bangladesh. All our classes are one hour plus duration with QA sessioin so our students can uderder stand each and everyting. We also use our original materials suit to your current level. We offer classes online basis so you can take classes anywhere with your computer and laptop. We offer Skype online classes at affordable fees. We are offering classes 24/7 other than Holidays in the Bangladesh. You can choose your preferred schedule and tutor. Only you need to do before taking our classes is to download Skype. If you already have Skype. Let’s start your class now!


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